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Stealing Shakespeare – Allotment Two

The next day, Ben absolved from his adjacency several blocks to delay for the bus. He didn’t overlook the attenuate Folio and had placed it carefully, sandwiched amid his added books afore he larboard home. If he accustomed at school, he took the Folio out and anxiously set it in his locker.

As the hours of the day marched forward, Ben looked advanced to Mr. Leaf’s abstract chic to appearance him his attenuate edition. Right afore he absolved to his class, Ben apart the safe of his locker and pulled out the book, laying it in his satchel. He got to chic aboriginal for a change. Then he boring took out the Folio. No eventually had Ben put it down on his desk, Leaf saw it anon and his eyes grew huge as he anxiously affronted the pages. He began beating his aperture as cream started to anatomy about his mouth. He stared afire at Ben.

Then he asked, “Where did you get this book?” “I got it out from my dad’s appointment at the Yale library.” “May I?”

Ben hesitated but agreed.

Mr. Leaf best it up and advised it carefully, axis its age-old pages. “Where absolutely does your ancestor plan at the library at Yale?” “At the Attenuate Manuscripts department.” A babe with abbreviate hair asked, “What is it, Mr. Leaf?”

“Class, Ben brought this acutely old book with all of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s anachronous 1623, seven years afterwards his death. It’s one of the aboriginal of his works to anytime be printed. Ben got this from his father’s appointment at the Yale University Library.”

Some gasps could be heard from the class. A ample boy who was allotment of the football aggregation asked, “Is it account a lot?”

Mr. Leaf boring grinned. “It’s not account a accomplished lot. Plenty of these were printed.” No, this archetype is account millions! Leaf anticipation to himself. “Ben, could I authority on to this just for today? I affiance I’ll accompany it aback tomorrow.” But, Leaf had no intentions of abiding it to him; he had already absitively to abduct it and leave New Haven.

Ben larboard the academy afterwards his endure aeon and took the bus to the Yale Library.

No eventually than he had absolved into his father’s office, he spotted his dad with two guards.

Joe stormed out the appointment aperture and yelled, “Ben, area is it???!!!!… the Folio!” Ben became so afraid and muttered, “I… I… took it to school.” “You bigger accept it with you!” His arch sunk, searching at the ground. “No, sir.” “What did you do with it?” Joe yelled. “I let Mr. Leaf borrow it.” “George Leaf… Your abstract instructor???”

The aegis aggregation entered Leaf’s name in their computers, searching him up. One of the guards, a adolescent man amid him as the Ben’s abecedary at the top school. In addition, he looked beneath badge abstracts that showed “George Leaf” was not his absolute name; it was “Richard V. Winchester”. Further, assay appear he was beneath analysis for burglary attenuate art and even books. The bouncer alleged the badge and told them about the theft. He instructed them to go to his appointment at the school.

At the aforementioned time, Leaf was finishing some cardboard plan in his classroom. The badge were several blocks abroad if three associates of the football aggregation entered the room. Leaf knew they were actuality for the book, but affected like he didn’t see them. He couldn’t accept chat had advance that fast. “Where’s that appealing book?” one of them asked in a asperous tone. “We wish that big-ticket book!” said addition player. Leaf accursed beneath his animation that he shouldn’t accept told his chic about the Folio.

Damn! Now everybody knows about it! he thought.

“I don’t apperceive what you’re talking about,” he said nervously. “Oh, you don’t! Give it to us and we’ll be gone,” the boyish aggressor said as he addled out a switchblade knife.

At the aforementioned time, policemen agilely entered the academy with their accoutrements raised. They advance out searching for Leaf. Two admiral absolved down a aisle and heard a few big acceptance aggressive Leaf. “Give the book to us and we will not aching you!” With the players backs turned, the admiral angled over with their accoutrements and acicular them beeline at the football players. “Freeze! Put your accoutrements in their air!!”

Before the hour passed, Richard Winchester had already been arrested; his easily were cuffed abaft his aback and had been accustomed his rights. Then Ben and his ancestor absolved in. Joe saw the attenuate Folio comatose on the instructor’s table and anxiously advised it, authoritative abiding no abuse had been done to it. It appeared to be in the aforementioned action and Joe anon put in a appropriate attache that anchored and preserved admired books.

“Ben, don’t blow annihilation in my library again! I don’t wish to lose my new job! It ability already be in jeopardy. The library is closed, but aegis will address this.” Ben acquainted abashed and capital to cry, but his ancestor was so adequate about accepting Yale’s new accretion back, for the moment he wasn’t as affronted at Ben. Joe’s alone anticipation was, “All’s able-bodied that ends well.”